Good Dogs Change Lives!

Dogs can either be a bridge or a wedge between you and your community. Whether it’s hiking in the woods or enjoying a meal at a dog friendly venue, you want your dog to ADD to your relaxing adventure, not take away from it by having to deal with embarrassing behaviors.

My education and experience in puppy raising for multiple service dog organizations prepared me to be an expert on what it takes to raise a well adjusted dog. Starting the training while they are young, before they rehearse problematic behavior, is key. My force-free positive reinforcement approach will get you there.

Early proactive puppy training is key.

My Services

I only use positive techniques that are all science based and proven to support
learning and create a happier pet.

About Laura

My fascination with the best and latest practices inspired me to become a Karen Pryer Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP). I find KPA clicker training, with its positive reinforcement, to be the most effective. Dogs and their owners will love it.

A woman sitting on top of a bench with four dogs.


A dog with its mouth open and tongue hanging out.

Dogs That Have Changed Lives

The Emotional Support Dog I Didn’t Know I Had or Needed
The Emotional Support Dog I Didn’t Know I Had or Needed

I personally “rescued” a dog from a shelter, confident I would be giving him a great new life. It wasn’t long before I noticed that he would pester me while I was busy doing something else. Turns out, he was sensing I was upset and was trying to comfort me. Now I pay attention to his prompts and soak up…

Young Lives Changed – Pet Therapy
Young Lives Changed – Pet Therapy
Olivia was bred to be a guide dog for the blind. While her volunteer was raising her, she noticed she was always very attracted to children and their needs. “She knew just how to approach them and very tenderly stand in front of them, waiting for their attention.†When Olivia was released for medical reasons, the puppy raiser adopted her…

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