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Customized Private Training

⦁ In-Home
⦁ Outdoors
⦁ Public Settings



⦁ Free initial phone consultation
⦁ $80 / session
⦁  Package Discount – 4 sessions for
$300 prepay



My goal is to help prevent problem behaviors and the best time to do it is while they are young and malleable. They need a solid foundation during this critical stage. The earlier the better.

Advance Training

⦁ AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluation
⦁ Preparation for pet therapy work
‏‏‎ ‎
‏‏We’ll meet in a variety of places where I’ll teach you how to introduce your dog to new experiences and environments so that he is relaxed and paying attention to you. That is the key to being a success


Basic Manners

⦁ Loose leash walking
⦁ Potty training
⦁ How to have a solid recall
⦁ Mouthiness/Chewing
⦁ Appropriate socialization
⦁ Overcoming reactivity, shyness and fear
⦁ Calm greeting
⦁ Leave it
⦁ Crate training
⦁ Wait at the door

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