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I will teach you how to mark behaviors you want with a marker (click, sound or word.) The marker is then followed by a reinforcement; something the dog loves. Behaviors that get reinforced get repeated. Once he understands what you want, we’ll add a cue. We will build a repertoire of desirable behaviors so that when he chooses to do something you don’t want, you’ll cue him to make a better choice. This eliminates your urge to scold or punish which does nothing to change the behavior and only weakens the bond between you.



Puppies are my specialty! Getting started before they have bad habits is key. I will help you with:


⦁ Potty Training
⦁ Mouthing and chewing
⦁  Jumping
⦁  Impulse control
⦁  Proper socialization
⦁  Loose leash walking


Advanced Training

⦁ Basic obedience
⦁ Solid social skills
⦁  Emotional support – dog to human bonding
⦁  Therapy dogs
⦁  AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) prep and evaluation


Service Dog Training

Train your own service dog. You no longer need to be on a 2-4 year waiting list or pay $10-40,000 for a high quality service dog. I volunteer in partnership with Atlas Assistance Dogs.
Atlas is a private non profit organization that provides training at a price that is uncommon within the service dog industry. They believe that “anyone who would benefit from a qualified assistance dog should be able to have one.” For more information and rates, see their website at, or contact me directly.



⦁  Private session: $75
⦁  Treat pouch: $15

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