Young Lives Changed – Pet Therapy

Young Lives Changed – Pet Therapy

Olivia was bred to be a guide dog for the blind. While her volunteer was raising her, she noticed she was always very attracted to children and their needs. “She knew just how to approach them and very tenderly stand in front of them, waiting for their attention.” When Olivia was released for medical reasons, the puppy raiser adopted her and was able to register her as a therapy dog.

Olivia has had many different experiences as a therapy dog. For a year and a half, she and her handler were part of a hospital pet therapy program. She excelled in working with children who were autistic or had other developmental disabilities. She would lie down on the floor and children would cluster around, often lying on top of her. She loved it. She is sensitive to emotions and will move to sit next to people who are stressed or sad. A lot of times, she has comforted parents who are sad and stressed in the hospital as well.

Olivia is also a reading therapy dog during the summer at a library where she sits with children who are learning to read. She’s had many successes there. When the Covid Pandemic ends, she is looking forward to going back there to see her friends and hear some more stories!

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